A Single VR station is a 100 square foot area with a single VR headset, a powerful gaming PC, and a 50” TV to watch what players are seeing while in VR. Think of a VR station like a bowling alley lane. Multiple people can share a lane but only one person can be up to bowl at a time. Similarly, multiple people can share a station yet because there’s only a single VR headset at each station, only one person at that station will be in VR at any time.

If anyone in your group or party is not a fan of sharing their VR time (we don’t blame them), or if you want to participate in any of our many multi-player games, then you will need to get multiple stations.

Again, we at DWVR do not charge per person nor per game, so I’ll put a few examples below of what costs can look like for different group scenarios.

  • 1 person coming in for 1 hour of VR on 1 station = $30

  • 3 people coming in for 1 hour of VR on 1 station = $30 (people can split the cost however you want on your end, each person could have 20 minutes each of VR time if you want to split it like that, it’s up to you)

  • 4 people coming in for 1 hour of VR on 2 stations = $60 (You can have two people on one station and two people on the other if you want, giving 30 minutes of VR time for each person)

  • 4 people coming in for 2 hours on 1 station = $55 (people can each take a 30 minute slice of the time if you want)

I hope that this clears things up for you but if you still have questions about how it all works, I know it’s new for most people, then feel free to contact us at 615-538-7514. If you’re ready to book a VR station or more with us, then call that same number or click HERE to book online.