DWVR Unlocked Membership - $49.99/month

Are you a hardcore Virtual Reality fan and want to get more VR in your life each month? If so, then you're the reason we put together the DWVR Membership. With the membership, you will get following perks:

  • UNLOCK: Two FREE hours of VR each month ($60 value).

  • UNLOCK: VR Happy Hour that changes the standard 1-hour VR session cost after 6PM from $30 down to just $20 on weekdays (Tues, Wed, and Thurs) and $25 on Weekends (Fri, Sat, and Sun).

  • UNLOCK: Referral System that will add credit you can use towards your VR sessions in the future. For every person you bring with you that purchases at least one hour, your account will be given $5 credit. Combine it with the VR Happy Hour, bring four friends on a weekday and you get your hour for FREE.

  • UNLOCK: Access to the DWVR Discord server. DWVR will be using this Discord server to organize tournaments and it will let you chat directly with Craig and other DWVR UNLOCKED members, allowing you to set up times to play multiplayer games together when you come on in to the arcade.

  • UNLOCK: Access to UNLOCKED only games and experiences. Titles consisdered too advanced for most people will be available to members that have the VR experience needed to experience them.

  • UNLOCK: Early access to and help testing out new VR gear. Haptic feedback vests, capacitive touch controllers, trackers for feet, full motion driving simulator chairs, and more. I'll need help testing out new gear and members will be the ones to help me out.

You can subscribe to UNLOCKED by signing up at the DWVR arcade or you can order it online for your membership card to be mailed to you by clicking the GET UNLOCKED button below. If you've already got UNLOCKED and you want to add more months to your membership then click on the EXTEND MONTHS button. Get more months at a time and recieve bonus credits and discounts.

Extra text for random technical and legal stuff…

The two free hours that you get each month must be used for two 1-hour sessions. They cannot be split and used as 30 minute sessions. If any time is unused at the end of a month it does not roll over to the following month.

VR Happy Hour begins after 5:59PM local time. It only applies to members and does not apply for people in the group with a member.

Credit on the member’s account will remain on the account up to three months after membership expires.

Discord channel is managed by Craig and is a place for UNLOCKED members to discuss things in a civilized manner. Members will be given a warning for any disorderly conduct, ability to chat will be revoked for a month upon second warning, and upon the third instance of disorderly conduct the member will be removed from the Discord server. You will still have your UNLOCKED membership and the other benefits that come with it, only Discord access will be impacted based on your conduct on it.

UNLOCKED membership is subject to change but any months that you have prepaid for will not be affected by any of these changes.