Genre: Flight Simulation

Sub-Genres: Flying, Flight Simulation

Locomotion Types: Room-Scale, Flight

Ultrawings is the first aerial-themed, open-world game where you'll pilot multiple aircraft to complete a variety of missions across an island-themed world.

Key Features
- Pilot 4 distinct aircraft using your virtual hands for an unparalleled VR flight experience!
- Soar around 4 unique, beautifully stylized islands!
- Earn money to buy new airports (which unlock new mission types) and new aircraft! Ultrawings is a VR game with progression and gameplay!
- Lots of gameplay variety! Pop balloons, snap photos, race, perform spot landings, fly through score rings, and more!
- The world feels alive! Soar by flocks of seagulls, buzz other planes, and even fly by boats and cars!
- Full English voice-overs guide you through the game!