Here is a list I put together of the games and experiences I think you all will enjoy the most.



These first six are the best for beginners. They have simple controls and are a whole lot of fun.


Beat Saber - Music

Racket: Nx - Tennis, Sports, Co-op

Google Earth - Exploration

Chroma Lab - Physics Simulation

Space Pirate Trainer - Shooting robot drones with futuristic guns

ABC Paint - Art and Painting


The rest of these experiences are slightly more complex but still good for beginners.


Cloudlands Minigolf - Golf, Sports

Holopoint - Archery, Sports, Workout

Hoops - Basketball, Sports, Party Game

Loco Dojo - Party & Mini Games

Richie's Plank Experience - Heights

Snow Fortress - Versus Defense

Sprint Vector - Racing, Running, Sports, Workout