Furious Seas.png

Furious Seas

Genre: Action

Sub-Genres: Naval Combat, Ship-to-Ship Fighting, Action

Locomotion Types: Room-Scale

Furious Seas puts you in command as captain of a deadly pirate ship. Navigate through treacherous waters and blast apart fearsome enemy fleets in this thrilling VR adventure like no other. Carve out your legend today amidst the Furious Seas.


  • Survival Mode - Test your pirate skills to their limits in a pulse-pounding fight for survival!

  • Online Multiplayer - Play with friends and conquer the seas together, or battle it out in an epic high seas battle.

  • Exploration Mode - Explore the seas peacefully or make a name for yourself as a fearsome pirate. (NOTE: Early work in progress.)

  • Stunning Water & Detailed Ships - A must-see in virtual reality!

  • Be a Pirate Captain - Grab hold of your ship's wheel and fight your way to victory.

  • Command Your Crew - Direct your pirate crew to operate the sails and fire at enemy ships.

  • Comfortable VR Gameplay - Seated and standing accessibility options and easy to reach controls.

  • No Seasickness - Lots of attention and care went into eliminating sources of motion sickness that one might expect.