Genre: Painting

Sub-Genres: Puzzle, Party,, Multiplayer, Pictionary, Painting

Locomotion Types: Room-Scale

Doodle VR is a Pictionary like VR game. A classic word guessing game where one person draws a picture in virtual reality and the teammates have to guess what is being drawn. Perfect as party game or for team-building sessions!

Key features

  • Easy to play, even for people that never tried VR before.

  • Three difficulty modes - Easy, Medium and Hard

  • Over 1500 words in game!

  • Option to use your own custom words in the game

  • VR player can grab virtual cards with words written on it!

  • Words are hidden for the spectators.

  • Fun environment with special effects!

  • Adjustable time limit - choose how long each round will take

  • Local multiplayer - You will need a teammate to play this game