Genre: Action

Sub-Genres: Pirate Ship, Naval Combat, Action

Locomotion Types: Sailing on the water

Seize the wheel of destiny as four mythical super-powered Pirate Lords—charismatic Diego, fanatical Rev, undead Calavera, and immortal Zhang—locked in a constant struggle for dominion over Battlewake’s chaotic waters.

Navigate the epic 20-chapter story of the Pirate Lords’ quest to discover an ancient seat of power in solo/co-op Campaign Mode, work together to complete objectives in dynamic Warfare Mode, or fully embrace the pirate’s life in a plunderin’ free-for-all PvP deathmatch.

Channel the Pirate Lords’ ancient powers for exhilarating chaos in the heat of battle. Turn the tide in your favor with massive ultimates: unleash mighty tsunamis, send enemies’ ships flying in maelstroms, destroy hulls with bone spikes, and literally release the Kraken.

From your Captain’s Quarters, spend gold earned from matches to boost your ship’s stats and level up your Pirate Lord abilities. Upgrade your arsenal with 13 different real and fantastical ship-based weapons, including flak cannons, ballistae, axe-throwers, chain cannons, mortars, and more.