VR Games - Reviews and Recommendations

The purpose of this page is to provide you all with my comprehensive list of my personal favorite VR games that are out there. Each entry includes a hyperlink to the store page for the game (click on the game name) and if I have made a personal video of the game then there is a VIDEO link at the end of the description that will take you to the YouTube video.

Games are divided into five categories whether they’re meant for single player, multi player, do both single and multi player well, free games, and those kinds of games that are more of an experience than a game and may not have much replay value once you’ve completed it once.

I have also added a 5-star "rating system". Take it with a small grain of salt. With a game just being on this list, I consider it to be a VR title that stands out from many others, but those with 4-5 stars are especially so. So, a 1-star game on this list is in no way a bad game.

Bookmark this page and check back from time to time as I will be updating it regularly. I'll put the latest additions at the top of their respective star rating.

  • Quality Single Player Only Games:

★★★★★ DOOM VFR - Shooter - 90 minutes into it and I am in love with it.  It is not perfect and hopefully my main issues can get patched. The weapons in my hands are angled too high. May not be for everyone, but if they just add an angle adjustment option, then everyone wins.  While I would love the option for smooth locomotion, I doubt that will happen. Having said that, the dash/teleport system isn't too horrible, but the worst part of it is that the dash direction is bound to your HMD direction, which some people may like, but I prefer hand direction. So, an option for toggling between those two, again, everyone wins. Last issue, the interaction system is really buggy, especially when interacting with the elevator panels. As for the good stuff, it feels very close to DOOM 2016, which is a massive success. Weapons are great, enemies are diverse and fun to dash around really fast killing them. Music is back and Mick Gordon is still a God among men. Visuals are very pretty (I am on a 1080 Ti).

★★★★★ Vertigo - Shooter Adventure - Half-Life meets Zelda. Get this! Some of the coolest boss fights out there. VIDEO

★★★★★ SUPERHOT VR - Shooter Puzzle - A stand-alone VR version of the amazing SUPERHOT game. It makes a shooter into a puzzle game as time only moves in real time when you move. VIDEO

★★★★★ GORN - Melee Brawler - It’s a melee brawler and SOOO much fun and violent. VIDEO

★★★★★ The Gallery - Episode 1: Call of the Starseed - Myst-like Puzzle Adventure - Fantastic adventure/puzzle game, if you like Myst style games then you’ll love this. VIDEO

★★★★★ Robo Recall - Shooter - No Steam Store link as it’s a Oculus store exclusive, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying this game because it’s amazing. Very polished, very pretty, runs smooth, and the gameplay is some of the best for VR shooters. Play it using ReVive. VIDEO

★★★★★ Infinity Fall - Shooter - Primarily a shooter but also a hint of platformer/puzzle elements involving the microgravity (zero gravity) space station that you’re in. Rather than puzzle, it’s probably more accurate to say hide-and-seek as you search for keys and navigate the levels in zero gravity. Using zero gravity to navigate yourself around your cover is also crazy cool, but speed is key as you launch yourself across large rooms and you just float across and shoot at the enemy AI. Gives you feelings that only Lone Echo can come close to. VIDEO

★★★★ Batman: Arkham VR - Puzzle - Not the longest campaign, nor does it allow for any locomotion, but dang it if this isn’t one of the most polished VR games with a fantastic production value that the Arkham games are known for. Some of the best visuals in VR and also just a really cool detective game. VIDEO

★★★★ Blasters of the Universe - Shooter Bullet Hell - It’s a standing wave shooter, but more of a bullet-Hell shooter. VIDEO

★★★★ Conductor - Puzzle Adventure - Atmospheric adventure puzzler VIDEO 1 - VIDEO 2

★★★★ Yooka-Laylee - Platformer - Not a game with native VR support, but the VR mode for it is very easy to install and has a lot of control over camera settings and such. VIDEO - LINK to the VR mod

★★★★ DOOM 3 BFG Edition - Shooter Horror - Another game that doesn’t natively have VR support, but with a mod it ends up being a really fun VR game with tracked Vive controllers. Note, this only works on the BFG edition of DOOM 3.

★★★★ Duck Season - Shooter Thriller - It’s basically Nintendo’s Duck Hunt on the NES but modern and for VR… but is there more going on? Also of note, best shotgun mechanics in any VR game. VIDEO

★★★★ Holopoint - Bow & Arrow Workout - Need a good workout, want to sweat, looking to do some squats? Then this is the best game for you. VIDEO

★★★★ PowersVR - Superhero Action Adventure - Switch between different powers like laser eyes, throwing fireballs, telekinesis, teleportation, super running speed, flight, and much more. VIDEO

★★★★ SVRVIVE: The Deus Helix - Room Escape Puzzle -Yeah, the name kind of sucks, but it’s one of the best room-escape style games with a lot of content.

★★★★ Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality - Oooooweeeeee!

★★★★ Sky Climbers - Puzzle Climbing Adventure - A game sort of like Climbey, but more of a full campaign. It does support co-op but for me the main draw was going through it solo. VIDEO

★★★★ Unbreakable VR Runner - Workout Room-Scale Thing - Another great workout game, kind of like a Temple Run game but so much more in VR. You run though the levels as fast as you can while avoiding obstacles and try to collect as many coins as you can. Recent patch added a new map that supports you pulling any video from YouTube for the music and pace of the level. VIDEO

★★★★ Vanishing Realms - Fantasy Action Adventure RPG - One of the best dungeon crawlers for VR. Now has a hard difficulty that really adds a lot, and also got climbing support like in Climbey. VIDEO

★★★★ Dark Legion VR - Shooter Adventure - A lengthy campaign, smooth locomotion, very cool UI for VR, and overall cool shooter. VIDEO

★★★★ The Climb - Climbing Platformer - At first released without Touch support, I wasn’t too fond of this, but now with motion controls, this game is fantastic. Those with a fear of heights should stay away as the visuals of this climbing game mixed with the amazing audio make this game truly convincing. Only reason Climbey is a star higher is the co-op nature of Climbey and the Steam Workshop, but The Climb wins in presentation for sure.

★★★★ Lucky’s Tale - Similar to those old school 3D platformers like Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie, but obviously this one is now in VR. It’s 3rd person which may bother some people, but this allows you to look around the worlds in ways you couldn’t before. You can find secrets as you lean into the world and find things hidden behind pillars and walls. A great game for kids but also a great game for anyone that was young in the early 90s for its nostalgia.

★★★★ GoalkeepVR - Same developer as Flairtender. Lots and lots of minigames centered around being a soccer (football for the rest of the world) goalie. Perfect party game with its local leaderboard. Just patched with an Asymmetric multi-player mode letting the player on the mouse control where the soccer balls are launched to the player in VR. Now and even better party game. VIDEO

★★★ Deep End - Run In Place and Jumping Platformer - It uses a similar movement system to Freedom Locomotion in that you run in place to move in the game, but this is a platformer game that supports jumping. VIDEO

★★★ Windlands - Fast Paced Platformer - Basically channel your inner Spiderman. Can really cause some motion-sickness as you fly around very fast and if you don’t like heights you should also stay away.

★★★ Fist of Physics - Melee Physics Brawler - 1st person VR boxing with physics as the driving factor. Sports arm-swinger movement. VIDEO

★★★ Island 359 - Shooter Adventure - Comparison could be Turok, you’re on an island hunting dinosaurs, or are they hunting you… VIDEO

★★★ Job Simulator - Comedic Puzzle - Very funny game that has four main jobs. VIDEO

★★★ Lethal VR - Standing Arcade Shooter - If you liked the old arcade game Police Trainer, then you will love this. VIDEO

★★★ Overkill VR - Standing Arcade Shooter - Probably the closest thing to Time Crisis, you will be crouching/kneeling into cover a lot, so you may want knee pads, no joke.

★★★ Remnith - Arena Shooter - Fast paced shooter with massive emphasis on accurate shooting. If you miss, your shots make enemies stronger, and stronger, and stronger. VIDEO

★★★ Vindicta - Shooter Adventure - A shooter with a form of Arm Swinger locomotion.

★★★ Dimension Hunter - Shooter Adventure - Very cool comic book style to it and some really fun shooting with a fast paced arcadey feeling.

★★★ I Expect You To Die - Room Escape Puzzle - Really polished room-escape kind of game with an old-school James Bond feeling to it.

★★ Fruit Ninja VR - Standing Arcade Slicing - Yeah, it’s the game on your phone, but it’s so much cooler in VR, and you can now dual wield swords. Has more modes than the mobile version.

★★ Knockout League - Melee Brawler - Like Fists of Physics but more similar to Nintendo’s Punchout games. VIDEO

The next few titles, I need to play them a lot more to make the call.

The Wizards - Spellcasting RPG Adventure - Very cool action puzzler with a lot of magic and spell casting, can also summon weapons like a ice bow. Very beautiful game.

The SoulKeeper VR - RPG Adventure - One of the best looking VR games, it’s an RPG with some melee but primarily focuses on spell casting.

To The Top - Jumping Platformer - Take the jumping in platformers like Climbey and Deep End and make it the main focus. Jump and jump and jump, and it’s really fun to act like a cat.

Obduction - Myst-like Puzzle Adventure - A non-VR native game with full VR support added to it, it’s made by the people that created Myst, so puzzles and atmosphere galore.

The Gallery - Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone - Myst-like Puzzle Adventure - Sequel to the above game.

  • Quality Multi Player Only Games:

★★★★★ Bomb U! - PvP Bomberman - Hands down one of the most underrated VR game and so much fun, it has bots for solo play but I didn’t list it above as it’s primarily a multi player game. VIDEO (I really need to make an updated video for this game. It deserves more attention and also this video’s audio is just so bad.) Also, it’s really cheap at $6 USD.

★★★★★ Disc League - PvP Arena Throwing Combat - Basically it’s Tron’s disc wars and actually has some depth with different equipment and balancing attacking, shielding, and teleporting (to the disc, not the primary movement system which is smooth locomotion) which all use the disc and you cannot do one when doing another. VIDEO

★★★★★ Loco Dojo - Co-op PvP Mini-games Party games - Basically, it’s Mario Party for VR. A ton of fun with friends. VIDEO 1 - VIDEO 2

★★★★★ Rec Room - Co-op PvP Multiple sports themed games and also some RPG and even shooters - Also will list this in the free games, since it’s free. One of the most content rich games, it’s stunning that it’s free, not even has microtrasactions, just straight up free. GET THIS! VIDEO Of the Frisbee Golf mode in co-op - VIDEO of the 80s themed laser campaign - VIDEO of the Charades mode, which is probably the best mode ever VIDEO

★★★★ IronWolf VR - Co-op Submarine Co-op - Okay, yeah, you can play it solo but this is meant to be played with friends. It’s a submarine game, so I hope you like tight spaces. VIDEO

★★★★ Onward - PvP Co-op Class-based Military Shooter - Basically Insurgency for VR. Not too mil-sim, but just enough. VIDEO - VIDEO w/ a gun stock

★★★★ Star Trek: Bridge Crew - Co-op Spaceship - Yeah, it has bots but this should only be played with friends.

★★★ Pavlov - PvP Shooter - Basically Counter-Strike for VR.

★★★ Smashbox Arena - PvP Arena Dodgeball Shooter - While I think it does support bots for solo play, it’s best enjoyed against other players. If Counterstrike were a dodgeball game, this would be it.

★★ BREACH IT - PvP Shooter - Basically R6: Siege for VR. A little rough around the edges, but the potential is there once it get’s some patches. With patches and more content, and easy 4-star.

  • Quality Games That Have Good Solo-Campaigns, Co-Op Campaigns, and PvP:

★★★★★ VR Dungeon Knight - Co-op Fantasy RPG - Not the most creative name, but it’s a great co-op dungeon crawler style RPG game, easily is one of the best in this category. It can be rough around the edges (melee combat isn't always 100%) but it really gives you a great feeling swapping between roles of mage, archer, rogue, warrior, etc... with your buddy. Unlocking loot is fun. Video to come.

★★★★★ Arizona Sunshine - Co-op Zombie Shooter - Campaign has co-op and also some wave-based survival modes. VIDEO 1 Co-op of larger map - VIDEO 2 Co-op horde mode

★★★★★ ZomDay - Co-op Zombie Shooter - It’s like Killing Floor… but better. SO MANY ENEMIES, seriously your frame-rate will be impacted. Also, a lot of weapons and upgrades. So much fun if you like KF. VIDEO

★★★★★ Raw Data - Co-op PvP Class-based Shooter - Super polished shooter (or melee if you pick that class). 2-player co-op campaign with amazing level design and visuals. PvP mode included. Four primary classes that are all unique. VIDEO

★★★★★ Sairento VR - Co-op Fast Paced Ninja Loot Shooter - Primarily a single player game, but co-op is getting added. One of the fastest VR shooters out there letting you jump around, walk-run, and even do freaking backflips. VIDEO

★★★★★ Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter and ★★★★★ Serious Sam VR: The Second Encounter - Co-op PvP Fast Paced Shooter - Full SS games with VR support, also cross-play with non-VR people, mod support, and 8-player co-op and PvP. VIDEO Single player of TFE - VIDEO Co-op of TFE

★★★★★ Gunheart - Co-op PvP Loot Shooter - 3-player co-op and also PvP. You can play through it solo. Sort of like Destiny for VR. Recent patch bumped it up to a 5-star as it overhauled the modding system and it’s so much fun to mix the mods now and hunt down other mods. VIDEO

★★★★ Climbey - Co-op Jumping Climbing Platformer - Jumping and climbing platformer with level creator and Steam Workshop support.

★★★★ Dead Effect 2 - Co-op Horror RPG Shooter - Basically DOOM 3 with a lot of added RPG elements for loot and skills/abilities. Three player co-op through the campaign. VIDEO 1 - VIDEO 2

★★★★ Racket: NX - Workout Tennis Racket Sports - Best tennis/paddle style game. Amazing visuals, a lot to do solo, and a very competitive multi player 1v1 mode. VIDEO 1 - VIDEO 2

★★★★ Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope - Co-op Standing Wave Shooter - A SS game made for VR, standing wave shooter but one of the best out there. Has 2-player co-op, a crap ton of upgrades, and some solid campaign levels with fantastic enemy spawns. VIDEO

★★★ Snow Fortress - PvP 1v1 Building Throwing - If you’re looking to throw out your shoulder, then this is the game for you. Some pretty fun solo modes against AI and some challenge levels, but it really shines in the 1v1 mode against your friend. Quickly build a fort and try not to get hit. A lot of fun. VIDEO 1 Co-op VIDEO 2 Solo

★★★ Trickster VR - Co-op RPG Fantasy - It’s a dungeon crawler style RPG with 2-player co-op and randomly generated levels. Plenty of melee and ranged offerings.

★★★ Battlezone - Co-op Seated Vehicle Combat - Seated experience that uses a gamepad, not motion controls. Co-op campaign and PvP. If it had motion controller support, I’d rate it a 4-star game.

★★★ Hover Junkers - PvP Vehicle Combate - PvP is the main draw, but they’re adding a single player inspired by The Oregon Trail. Once the single player mode is out, this may get bumped to a 4-star title.

  • Quality Free Games:

★★★★★ Blueshift - Made by the same guys that made Vertigo, this game gives you a jetpack, some wings, and just throws you into some massive levels, a few with some cool obstacles and ‘race tracks’ that will get you all sorts of tangled and motion sick. VIDEO

★★★★★ Rec Room - Co-op PvP Multiple sports themed games and also some RPG and even shooters - Also will list this in the free games, since it’s free. One of the most content rich games, it’s stunning that it’s free, not even has microtransactions, just straight up free. GET THIS! VIDEO Of the Frisbee Golf mode in co-op ; VIDEO of the 80s themed laser campaign ; VIDEO of the Charades mode, which is probably the best mode ever ; VIDEO

★★★★★ Google Earth VR - Never thought that Google Earth would almost bring a tear to my eyes, but using this in VR to fly to the homes in my childhood was amazing. Also, visiting places I have never been and places I’ve traveled to, it was all just very cool. VIDEO 1 ; VIDEO 2

★★★★★ Freedom Locomotion - This one blew my mind. It is the best locomotion for VR, hands down. Walking in place, jogging in place, running and even sprinting in place. So immersive and provides you with such a sense of place compared to any other form of locomotion, also it’s great for the health benefits. VIDEO

★★★★★ Grapply - Currently only available through its free demo, I assume the full game will cost money, it’s basically the Spiderman-like mechanics from Windlands but it’s a racing game, and probably the best VR racing game at that. VIDEO

★★★★★ The Lab - A variety of games created by Valve, this super polished title is a great start for a new VR user as the way in which you interact with each different game is different. In one game you’re playing fetch with a robot dog, then you’re shooting arrows with a bow, then you’re examining a human’s vascular system with an X-Ray tool, then you’re launching comedic bombs at towers, and then in my favorite game you’re controlling a fighter spaceship in a small scale bullet-Hell style game.

★★★★ The Price of Freedom - A very cool story told in this somewhat room-escape style game that’s more of a noir detective mystery game. VIDEO

★★★★ HVR - You're basically Iron Man in space. VIDEO

★★★★ Portal Stories - Fan made portal game, not Valve official. Retains the humor of the Portal games. VIDEO

★★★★ nVidia VR Funhouse - Basically a collection of minigames for VR but all have a emphasis on physics through nVidia’s Physx. Can be difficult for some GPUs to run it at solid frame-rate, but it’s quite a bit of fun. VIDEO

★★★ Guns'n'Stories: Preface VR - A free version of Guns'n'Stories: Bulletproof VR, it’s a standing wave shooter, which a lot of people are tired of, but it’s one of the better ones. Some very cool weapons that take advantage of the crazy physics and also a nice story with great voice acting that reminded me of The Princess Bride, which is good. VIDEO

★★★ Deadly Hunter VR - Archery tower defense game with 2-player co-op. VIDEO Of  the single player ; VIDEO of the co-op

★★★ Emmerholt Prologue - Cast spells, like telekinesis, and ride a horse, which is VR is pretty cool feeling. VIDEO

★★★ Wake Up - Pretty cool puzzle game with an interesting visual style.

★★ The Ranger: Lost Tribe - Same dev that made Deadly Hunter. No co-op this time, but it’s more of an adventure game than a tower defense as you move through the world picking up and using bows, spears, swords, and more. VIDEO

★★ Spell Fighter VR - Basically the free version of The SoulKeeper VR, or Skyrim. A little rough around the edges, but hey, it’s free. VIDEO

★★ Trials on Tatooine - Use a lightsaber in VR. It’s a dream that we all have and you can do it for just a little bit in this free game. VIDEO

★★ The Belko Experiment - It’s an ad for the film of the same name, but it’s a darn good one at that. It’s a room VIDEO

★★ War Robots VR: The Skirmish - It’s a mech shooter, basically the demo for the full game, sadly that is limited to using a gamepad controller. Still… it’s free… VIDEO

★★ Waltz of the Wizard - Channel your inner Harry Potter. Mix some potions and do some spell casting.

Warhammer Vermintide VR - The first parts of this game are free to all players, but if you own the non-VR Vermintide game then you get access to additional maps. The combat and lack of a movement system are big bummers, but still a pretty fun game. VIDEO

Valkyrie Blade VR - So I actually wasn’t too big of a fan of certain combat decisions in this game, but it’s still got some solid aspects to it. I didn’t like that your character does a slight dash when you’re attacking, which for VR it bothers me when I’m moving when I don’t mean to and also I just find that a dumb tactic that every attack is a lung, but hey, it’s free. VIDEO

  • Quality Experiences:

★★★★★ Chroma Lab - It’s a physics based particle simulator that gives you a bunch of tools to interact with the physics/particles. Basically a wallpaper simulator that is a feast for your eyes. VIDEO

★★★★★  Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades - It was a tough call to put this down in the Experiences section, but there’s no real objectives in the game, no campaign, no multi player, no challenges. It’s just a fun gun range simulator with some of the best weapons simulation in VR. The dev, just a single dude, updates this game a lot and new stuff is added monthly.

★★★★ Flairtender - Bartending simulator. Make some mixed drinks. Even fun as someone that doesn’t drink. VIDEO

★★★ Munch - A nice relaxing game that would probably be great for kids. VIDEO

Again, these are just the VR games that I consider to be the cream of the crop. There’s still other quality games for VR that I have played and they just didn’t make this list, and some I’ve even made videos of them. If you’re interested in seeing any of my other VR videos, I keep them all in THIS always updating playlist.