Business Update

10 More VR Games Added For The End Of Summer

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been testing out even more games. Some didn’t quite make the cut but these ten did. There’s a nice variety here, but also a trend that three of them share, being a super hero. I’ve now got a Batman, Spider-Man, and Thor experience here and they’re very fun. Two new multi-player games as well with Battlewake (1-6 players) and Evasion (1-4 players).

New VR Games & Experiences!

DWVR recently celebrated its six month birthday by releasing the UNLOCKED monthly/yearly membership system to make it easier for you all to make multiple visits here and get more VR time. Over the last six months I have removed some games and experiences for different reasons but more importantly I have added a multitude of new games and experiences. So, below will be 12 gameplay videos for you to see some what the new titles are all about.

Extended Spring Break Hours

Williamson county had their Spring Break this past week and we saw a whole lot of folks coming on through. I’ll be extending the open times for DWVR this upcoming week as well for the other counties around the Middle Tennessee area that will be having their Spring Break March 25-29th.

DWVR will again be open for Monday from 1-7pm and then we will open our doors Tues-Friday at 1pm. Closing times will still be the same, 10pm Tues-Thursday and midnight on Friday.

Call us at 615-538-7514 or click HERE to book your reservation now.

I Love My Customers!

I have slacked on the blog a lot lately since I’ve just been so busy with the DWVR among some other things, so let’s start it back up with a nice, wholesome post.

I love my customers!

You guys are awesome. I’ve been working a whole lot of hours at this arcade and stretching myself pretty thin with all the hats that I’m wearing to keep this place going, but I haven’t even come close to getting burned out on it because you guys have made this such a fun job.

Visited By A Top World Beat Saber Player

So yesterday, I got a text on the DWVR line from someone saying they wanted a two hour station to play some Beat Saber. OI course I put that reservation into the system but I had no clue just who it was coming over to the arcade. That night comes along and he arrives asking about the high scores page for Beat Saber and I of course was thinking, “oh sure, like you’re going beat my Expert scores” but I was way wrong.

Shooty Fruity Has Been Added To DWVR Arcade

Shooty Fruity Has Been Added To DWVR Arcade

Shooty Fruity has been added to the selection of games and experiences here at DWVR. It’s a shooter that has you defending your checkout station from massive fruit bouncing closer and closer, or flying for some fruit. You have a wide range of firearms to pick from but you must scan grocery items to unlock the better weapons.

Top VR Games At Digital Worlds For 2018

Okay, yeah, Digital Worlds was only open for almost two months in 2018, but we can still have a top VR games list for that time. I ran the data for our most popular titles and filtered out the lesser played ones. I don’t think this list shows the best games as some are just easier to grasp then others and some are multiplayer and therefor when a group of four play it for an hour straight, that helps. Any how, on to the list.

Grand Opening Is November 10th!!!

Digital Worlds will be hosting its Grand Opening party on November 10th starting at noon. There will be drinks and food during the party as well as prizes given out every 30 minutes. You can reserve your VR stations for that day by clicking the BOOK NOW! button below or you can come on out to the arcade that day and book your station in person. We will be doing 15 minute demos to those who have never tried VR before, but this is pending station availability.

We Are Entering The Beta Testing Phase!

We Are Entering The Beta Testing Phase!

It’s been a long journey so far but we’re not out of it just yet. I am happy to say that DWVR is now entering the beta testing phase. We’ve gotten the place into a decent enough shape to start having small groups of close friends and family members coming on out to play quick sessions of VR in order to test the tracking, gaming software, provide input on the look of the location, and all other things that we want to make sure are as good as they possible can be and ready for the grand opening, which should be coming up soon in early November.

Business Update - Physical Location Is Coming Along

For the last few months, we have been working on the physical location for Digital Worlds VR. Some of you may not know about the address just yet; it’s 1945 Mallory Lane, Suite 170. Over the last few months, we’ve been demolishing the stuff from the old tenant and now we’ve been working on building it out with stuff for the arcade. I do plan to release a lot more images and videos one day that better document all of the stuff we’ve done to the place, but for now I’ll just share some more recent developments.

Beat Saber Arcade Brings Commercial Use To Digital Worlds VR!

Great news everyone! One of the best VR games out right now, Beat Saber, has just released their Arcade version of the title which brings commercial usage to VR Arcades like Digital Worlds. Since it's release back in May, I have personally been a little obsessed with Beat Saber and it has easily risen to one of my top three favorite games in Virtual Reality. I'm so happy that I'll be able to offer Beat Saber to my customers from the very start.

I'm Done With Camp And The Lease Has been Signed

For the last two months, I've been out in the woods working at a Boy Scout Summer Camp, but now I'm back in the real world. Camp always ends what feels so fast, but I'm already looking forward to 2019 (assuming that we can get a staff at Digital Worlds VR to run the place while I'm gone). I'll post some photos from the camp below.

Beginning to make our mobile VR stations

I guess Phase one is coming to a close, which has been a lot of the prep work and getting Digital Worlds legally set up as a business. Phase two is starting the mobile, direct-to-consumer VR. I'm going to start out with two PCs for doing birthdays and corporate events. This way, we can do some simple multiplayer co-op and/or competitive stuff. Maybe if things take off, then I can buy the gear for two more mobile stations and we can allow groups of four people playing at a time for the mobile stuff.