New VR Glove Concept, The DextrES

It seems like every couple of months, there's a new concept for a VR device, like a treadmill, eye tracking, lens type, tracking tech, haptic vest, or one of the most common ones, gloves. It makes sense, the beauty of Virtual Reality is how immersive it is and the sense of presence that the player can get through it, but of course touch is a large piece missing from the puzzle. Finding that missing piece is one of the many Holy Grails in the VR industry

New Industry Standard Cable Introduced For VR Headsets

New Industry Standard Cable Introduced For VR Headsets

One of the things that makes PC gaming so great is the how open the industry is. You get to pick the right parts that fit your budget and what you're wanting from your gaming hobby, but sometimes this open nature can lead to fragmentation. This is why it's nice to have some industry standards. Slowly but surely, the VR industry will get standards for certain aspects and today we got a new standard for the cables the headsets will use.

Google Duplex AI And What It Can Mean For Future VR Games

Google recently held it's 2018 I/O and during the keynote it unveiled a slew of new software and services as well as updates to many of their current offerings, but the one that caught my eye the most was the announcement of Google Duplex. I am very interested to see what Duplex brings to the table as for what it actually is, a much more "intelligent" version of the Google Assistant that we currently have on our phones and Google Homes, but it also got me thinking of what the future of games and VR games can be with this level of tech.