“Please Don’t Be A VR Exclusive”

This sentence, or a form similar to it, fills the comments sections on YouTube trailers, Reddit posts, Facebook videos, etc… for so many VR game announcements. Just recently, I saw it happen for the YouTube teaser trailer for Cyan, the company that made classic Myst games and more recently Obduction, which is called Firmament.

Barriers To Entry For VR - Now & Later - Money & Space

CNBC recently released THIS article titled "Most teens can't afford a virtual reality headset, so they're going to VR arcades instead" and, for anyone paying even the slightest attention to the VR scene, it is very well known that VR is expensive, and in most cases prohibitively so. Many kids and younger gamers around 13-18 years old are typically gaming on a console due to the larger up front cost for PC gaming. If PC gaming is expensive, then VR PC gaming is much more so. While the PSVR has provided a decent VR experience, it still falls short in the quality of tracking and lack of room-scale VR, which is where PC VR is excelling.