New VR Games & Experiences For Summer Time

It’s now June, so we’re fully into Summer Time! I’m adding a bunch of new titles for summer and one of them is the sequel to one of DWVR’s most played games and that is Vacation Simulator.

If sailing the seven seas and engaging in pirate ship to pirate ship naval warfare is more your style, then you should check out Furious Seas.

It’s been a while since I added a new horror game, but now the latest scary title is The Bellows.

After many requests to offer a VR hockey experience, I am happy to say DWVR now has one. If you’re wanting to try your best to not fall while skating on ice, then come check out Hockey Player VR.

There’s a lot of puzzle and room-escape experiences here at DWVR, but now we have a multiplayer room-escape experience with Escape F1rst, which is a competitive room-escape.

Also, in Beat Saber news, we’ve added 10 new songs, going from 19 to now 29 songs. My shoulders are already hurting from playing them so much on Expert+ difficulty, so if you want your shoulders to hurt as well… in a good way of course… then come on out and try your hand at master these new songs.

More VR titles will of course be added over time but these should hold you over for now. Be on the lookout for any more details about new VR experiences at DWVR.