New VR Games & Experiences!

DWVR recently celebrated its six month birthday by releasing the UNLOCKED monthly/yearly membership system to make it easier for you all to make multiple visits here and get more VR time. Over the last six months I have removed some games and experiences for different reasons but more importantly I have added a multitude of new games and experiences. So, below will be 12 gameplay videos for you to see some what the new titles are all about.

A Fisherman’s Tale - Puzzle game


A-Tech Cybernetic - First Person Shooter / Horror


Beat Blaster - Arcade Shooter


Beat Blocks - Tetris Like Puzzle Game


Cave Digger - Mining Puzzle Game


Fantastic Contraption - Physics/Vehicular Puzzle Game


Just In Time Incorporated - Action Puzzler


Mad Factory - Crafting Puzzle Game


Spare Teeth - Bowling / Mini-Golf Hybrid


Ultrawings - Flight Simulator (Arcadey)


Windlands 2 - Action Platformer / Swinging


Witching Tower - Fantasy RPG


Zero Caliber - First Person Shooter