I Love My Customers!

I have slacked on the blog a lot lately since I’ve just been so busy with the DWVR among some other things, so let’s start it back up with a nice, wholesome post.

I love my customers!

You guys are awesome. I’ve been working a whole lot of hours at this arcade and stretching myself pretty thin with all the hats that I’m wearing to keep this place going, but I haven’t even come close to getting burned out on it because you guys have made this such a fun job.

From the dad who has come in here 11 times now… yeah… 11 freaking times, so that his sons can try out as many different VR experiences as they can; to the single mother who has had both her sons in here for their birthdays; and to the folks that come in here and listen to me talk endlessly about VR and its potential future in our society.

I know a lot of people out there are working jobs with long hours, and while I am too I just can’t complain about it when I get to provide VR to groups like the Way FM staff. It’s a Christian radio station that’s located here in Cool Springs and they recently had a group of some of their staff come out to try the VR stuff out and it’s a massive understatement to say that they had a great time. Check out the video below to see them do some VR boxing in Creed: Rise to Glory.

Now I’m not a very sentimental person, but a couple of my customers visited me on Valentine’s Day when I was open and doing a buy-1-get-1 special for couples. They had been here a few times to play VR and each time they would always stick around after their VR session ended just to talk with me. They would listen to me just go on and on about VR, the industry, where it’s potentially headed, new tech coming out, and more VR stuff, and I’m sure I also went on some rants about the craziness of being a business owner but I can’t say for sure. Anyhow, they came over on Valentine’s Day as they were headed out to see a movie for their own date but stopped by to give me a gift, which completely caught me off guard. Of course, being Valentine’s Day there were some chocolates that they gave me but it was the card that just really hit me in the feels.

I am not a fan of hugs but after they gave it to me I was compelled to hug them both. I will be framing the card and keeping it at the arcade as a reminder to myself that my customers appreciate the extra time I put into making their experience here as best as it can be. It may not have been a big deal for me, something that I said to them or did while they were here, but to them it meant a whole lot. It may not have been a big deal for them, bringing me some candies and a card, but to me it meant a whole lot and is something that I will never forget. Thank you so much you two, oh, and I hope the movie you saw that night was good.

Well, that’s all I have for now. Like I said, I hope to pick up on the blogging and also on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts. I see so many hilarious and awesome things here on a daily basis and I need to share them more. I hope you all have a wonderful day.