Top VR Games At Digital Worlds For 2018

Okay, yeah, Digital Worlds was only open for almost two months in 2018, but we can still have a top VR games list for that time. I ran the data for our most popular titles and filtered out the lesser played ones. I don’t think this list shows the best games as some are just easier to grasp then others and some are multiplayer and therefor when a group of four play it for an hour straight, that helps. Any how, on to the list.

Above is a pie graph of the top 14 games which saw the majority of time played at DWVR.

#14: Flappy Arms = 3.5 hours

#13: Chroma Lab = 4.4 Hours

#12: The Brookhaven Experiment = 8.3 Hours

#11: Racket:Nx = 12.87 Hours

#10: Creed: Rise To Glory = 13.86 Hours

#9: Job Simulator = 15.98 Hours

#8: Richie’s Plank Simulator = 21.11 Hours

#7: Fruit Ninja = 23.66 Hours

#6: Arizona Sunshine = 37.94 Hours

#5: Google Earth VR = 38.63 Hours

#4: Space Pirate Trainer = 40.72 Hours

#3: Loco Dojo = 48.9 Hours

#2: SUPERHOT VR = 55.27 Hours

And at #1, we have Beat Saber for 89.43 Hours!

Beat Saber is one of my personal top three favorite VR games and I do find myself pushing a little more often than other titles, but for good reason. Everyone loves music, it’s full room-scale locomotion so there’s no motion sickness, has a 30 second tutorial so it’s quick to get into, the gameplay is very simple as is the concept so it’s great even for beginners, and overall it’s just an incredibly fun game. Seeing it at #1 is not a surprise to me at all. I’m sure it will be in the top three spots for 2019’s list and probably be #1 again.

Thank you to all who came out to DWVR in 2018 and tried out many of these great titles. I look forward to seeing you again in 2019 for all of the new titles that we will have added to our library.