Visited By A Top World Beat Saber Player

So yesterday, I got a text on the DWVR line from someone saying they wanted a two hour station to play some Beat Saber. OI course I put that reservation into the system but I had no clue just who it was coming over to the arcade. That night comes along and he arrives asking about the high scores page for Beat Saber and I of course was thinking, “oh sure, like you’re going beat my Expert scores” but I was way wrong.

Turns out, he was a top Beat Saber player and at a time was 15th in the world. I had no clue what awaited. I put his time on the clock and loaded him into his VR station. Then he proceeded to wreck every one of my scores… with ease…

He was a good sport about it and I highly recommend you check out his Twitch channel if you want to see some more high-level play for Beat Saber.