Pack it up everyone, VR cannot possibly get better than this. We've peaked.

After just three-ish years, the modern day VR industry has done it; it's peaked. Nothing in the future will ever be better than this... Sharknado VR: Eye of the Storm. Okay, I can't keep the sarcasm going anymore. Everyone knows about the Sharknado movies on SciFi (sorry, but I refuse to call it the now even shorter version, that channel will always be SciFi to me) and how they somehow keep making enough money to warrant more and more sequels, but now the VR community will get to take on the flying sharks themselves. If you're wondering, yes, the gameplay does look like crap, but I guess that's just my opinion and you can form your own by watching the trailer below. 

So, what did you think? There was a small bit of time while the video loaded the first time I watched it that I thought it could actually be... maybe not good, but at least somewhat entertaining, but that was quickly quashed once I saw the gameplay. Visuals look really bad, like something on a Flash based website from the early and mid-90s, like or Of course, graphics don't make the game, but the gameplay just looks like your typical wave shooter that the VR industry has been flooded with over the last few years. I'll reserve my final judgement until I've actually played the game, and who knows maybe it turns out to be a whole lot of fun and I offer it at Digital Worlds.