Beat Saber Arcade Brings Commercial Use To Digital Worlds VR!


Great news everyone! One of the best VR games out right now, Beat Saber, has just released their Arcade version of the title which brings commercial usage to VR Arcades like Digital Worlds. Since it's release back in May, I have personally been a little obsessed with Beat Saber and it has easily risen to one of my top three favorite games in Virtual Reality. I'm so happy that I'll be able to offer Beat Saber to my customers from the very start.

The game released with 10 songs that you can see me play through in the video above, but they will be releasing new songs over time. One new song, Angel Voices, released earlier in July is the 11th track for the game and is 6:20 long, around three times the length of the average length of the original 10 tracks. I very much look forward to playing through the other 1st party songs released by the Beat Saber developers but I also look forward to the official level/song editor so that customers will be able to come in and play levels created of their favorite songs. I'm pretty confident about my own Beat Saber skills that we will be offering coupons and free hours to customers who are able to beat my personal high scores. Good luck...