SteamVR Input Released In Beta

Publicly released in November 2015, Valve's Steam Controller gave PC gamers the gamepad that they've always wanted. It shared the ergonomics of the XBox 360 controller, which many gamers consider it one of the best gamepads of all time, but more importantly it brought with it the software that allowed for users to customize what every button did (which is what PC gaming is all about). Since the Vive was released, we haven't seen much customization offered by developers as to how players interact with their VR games. Now Valve has released SteamVR Input in beta and we have a level of control similar to that of the Steam Controller.

This is great news for developers and all VR gamers that want to be able to interact with their games the way that they would like to. SteamVR Input will allow for VR users to go into their SteamVR settings and open the new Input UI (which you can see a screenshot of that above) which will allow you to select the button on the Vive controller, left and right hand independent of each other, and alter their in-game result. One thing that I would like to bring up for this that a lot of us forget is the impact that this will have for those with a physical handicap.

For years, many companies have been created just to design, create, and provide controllers for console and PC gamers that are customized to assist them with a physical disability that they have. Many developers add in a color-blindness setting on the software side of things, but as to how someone physically holds and interacts with their input device, that's something the developers can't provide. SteamVR Input doesn't change the hardware, but it will be a step in the right direction that will help some. Reddit user /u/Two-Tone- mentioned this when talking about SteamVR Input, "As a disabled person, this has been my biggest fear; not being able to set up stuff so that my right side isn't needed to be used as much.

I got into this VR Arcade business because I want to help bring the joy of Virtual Reality to as many lives as I can and reading /u/Two-Tone-'s comment filled me with a lot of joy knowing that Valve's work will help so many gamers to have an easier and better time with VR. It's one less thing in the way of VR succeeding.