The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR - Early Impressions & Review

As hyped as I was for Skyrim VR, I was very worried that it wasn't going to be all that great. First releasing on the PS4 and also being a nearly eight year old game, I just figured Bethesda would have put a small team on the VR project to make a quick port. Thankfully, the game is a great VR version, but not perfect.

The combat is really fun with archery and magic being the best and melee combat being the weakest, but still pretty solid. Visuals hold up for today and are better than many VR games, of course the scale of the world is better than pretty much every other VR game.

For other mechanics, swimming has a cool optional setting to be more realistic letting you duck your head into the water and actually move your arms like you're swimming in order to move. There's also an option for realistic crouching in which you just crouch, but if you don't have a room-scale setup or don't want to have to do that, the default option is holding the grip button. The game supports both teleport and smooth locomotion and has lots of comfort settings for both that can all be turned off. 

The weakest gameplay mechanic by far is the lockpicking. Rather than using your hands to hold the pick/tumbler, which would have been so cool, instead it just uses the touchpad and pulling the trigger like you would use on a gamepad. So much missed opportunity but not at all game breaking.

The other weak aspect of the game is the UI. It, like the lockpicking, doesn't take advantage of what VR has to offer. No motion control support, you just navigate menu screens that float in front of you and you use the touchpads to navigate them. Quite a bummer.

Those two negatives aside, the game looks and runs great. It does most things really well and it's freaking Skyrim in VR. It's the biggest VR RPG available with a sword and sorcery setting.

A one hour gameplay video showing all the VR mechanics in combat, movement, swimming, lock picking, the game's UI and settings options.