“Please Don’t Be A VR Exclusive”

“Please Don’t Be A VR Exclusive”

This sentence, or a form similar to it, fills the comments sections on YouTube trailers, Reddit posts, Facebook videos, etc… for so many VR game announcements. Just recently, I saw it happen for the YouTube teaser trailer for Cyan, the company that made classic Myst games and more recently Obduction, which is called Firmament.

The trailer for the just announced VR game Firmament.

It’s a reasonable request by people. VR is expensive, millions of gamers do not own or know someone who owns a VR capable PC and VR system, so they will miss out on experiencing and enjoying currently released VR titles that do not have a 2D/flat version released. Despite that being a reasonable request, I have to cross my fingers and hope with every fiber of my being that developers do not cave to these requests.


Call me a VR elitist, but it is hard to go back to some 2D/flat games and not think the whole time, “this would be so much cooler if it was in VR” but not just that it has 3D support and that I can play it with my Vive using a gamepad or mouse & keyboard, I mean full on VR with all things you can do with a VR game.


A recent example would be the beta for Vermintide 2. The game was a ton of fun when playing with my friends and is a solid improvement over the original, but the whole time, I’m just thinking in the back of my head, “This would be so cool if I was actually swinging my weapons and aiming these ranged guns and bows.” The game’s inventory system is fairly small and could easily move your items to what many VR games use, placing them on your avatar’s belt/chest.


There’s just certain things that you can do in games when in VR that you can’t do in flat gaming, and in games that are multiplayer ports of flat games, some of those things become really obvious and end up angering the flat community of that game. In the Serious Sam games (excluding The Last Hope since it’s a VR exclusive), they support cross-platform play between VR and non-VR versions. VR players can dual wield all the weapons, which does give you a nice DPS boost, and it’s worth mentioning that you’re able to target enemies in different directions if you’re skilled enough. The Payday 2 community saw a similar response when the non-VR community learned that you could interact with locks, hacks, loot, revives, etc… and still look at and shoot at the enemies simultaneously. That’s just something that happens when your head, left hand, and right hand are all aimed individually from each other, just like in real life.


As time goes on, developers will continue to find more and more ways to take advantage of what is capable in VR and these will be things that simple cannot be done in traditional, flat, non-VR gaming. I do not like living in a stagnant world. I want to see our world grow and advance. This applies to the gaming scene and VR in particular. The same thing happens when new consoles comes out, like the XB1 and PS4, the previous XB360 and PS3 hold back the modern games that must still be created in such a way that they still run on the limited memory, slower clock speeds, and generally dated hardware. Now, the limitations are how we see and interact with the world.

So what do you all think? Am I just being a VR elitist or am I in the right?