Ready Player One - Review (No Spoilers)

To say that I was hyped for the movie adaptation of Ready Player One is a massive understatement. I had read the book early last year (well, I listened to it on Audible while I would jog) and really enjoyed it, so I was just excited to see a Spielberg directed film version of it. I am also a massive fan of so many of the references and my family as a whole are huge into films and video games from the 70s and 80s, so just seeing all of these in a single film was obviously going to be a treat for my eyes. And of course, as someone who has now jumped into the VR industry, I have a lot of hype (and hope) for what it will do for bringing VR to the mainstream.

First off, the movie adaptation is not a 100% recreation of the book, but I knew it wouldn't be. As with all other movie adaptations, taking a ~15 hour long read is going to be vastly different when shrunk down to a two hour movie. Having said that, I really enjoyed the movie version for what it was. There were some things I liked more that the book did but pretty much all of those came down to pacing and so I can't really fault the movie for that. If you've read and enjoyed the book, unless you go in wanting it to be a copy of the book, you should enjoy it.

I don't want to list anything specific as I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll just leave the "review" at that, I enjoyed it. I will comment on one other thing though that doesn't give any key plot points away. The way that it portrays VR is pretty darn on the mark. There's a lot of really cool tech being experimented with for providing tactile feedback to VR players from gloves to vests and the way the movie portrays its tech is actually not all that far off of where we are now and will be in just five years. This is great for that last reason I mentioned being hyped as there's a lot of people out there that do not know what current VR is capable of. If after seeing RPO they get the urge to do a Google search for VR, then that's great as that's how we can increase awareness. 

I'll stop there and just tell you again to go see this movie, and then again and again to keep catching as many references as possible cause there's a whole lot.