Our First Mobile VR Event Was A Success!

We did it! We had our first mobile VR event and it was a success. No one hit each other while in VR, no one got motion sick, no one broke any of the VR gear or the PCs, and most importantly everyone had a lot of fun.

We had a three hour event with the two mobile stations. There was a mix of single player stuff and of course some heated competitive multiplayer. Racket: Nx and Bomb U! were some big hits but later in the night when most were a little warn out, two of the boys jumped into a marathon session of SUPERHOT and played for around 45 minutes straight. 

One of our customers tries out Richie's Plank Experience. He had already gone through it and fallen off his plank, so I figured I'd introduce him to the horror mode in it. While in the elevator, you go to floor 666 to start the fun.

We had a great time doing this event and everyone that got to participate in it had a smile the whole time (except maybe during parts of the horror games). We're looking forward to doing many more of them. If you're interested in doing a VR even for a birthday, at your work, for a graduation, or any other reason, then check out our EVENTS page.