Should VR Games Use A Shared Player Avatar?

I came across a post on /r/vive recently that talked about mixed reality (not the Windows platform) and seeing the same player in the gameplay recording and it got me thinking about player avatars from the player's perspective in VR games. Should we have a standard/shared player avatar with our stats linked to our profiles (SteamVR, Oculus, etc...)?

Raw Data's height calibration system.

So many games have their own way of setting up a player's height in game; Raw Data has you stand and aim your motion controller at a Calibrate button that detects the height of your HMD, Arizona Sunshine has you hold out your arms and then rest them at your sides and then pull the trigger on one of the controllers, and some games just give you a "Enter your height Xft Xin" or you use a slider bar to drag the setting to your right height. 

Imagine if, in my SteamVR settings or my Oculus Home settings, I could set my height and also my waist settings (for those games that use an inventory system that you look down at your virtual belt). There's also the bonus of picking left or right handed. Then developers can have their game automatically query that data when the game loads and there's no need to go through that calibration step every time. The game will automatically know that I am 6' 0" tall and it can scale the world accordingly so that I don't have to duck to walk through doorways. If it's a game that involves climbing, if I were shorter than most people, I wouldn't worry about not being able to finish the game because I physically cannot reach the climbing points.

Of course, in cases where someone is playing the game that isn't the owner of the profile, then there would be something in the in-game settings that is the system we have now. The player can go in and re-calibrate (not overwriting the SteamVR /Oculus Home settings though) for their height and build. 

Just food for thought, what do you guys think? Should there be a standard for this or should it continue to be a per-game setting?