Beginning to make our mobile VR stations

I guess Phase one is coming to a close, which has been a lot of the prep work and getting Digital Worlds legally set up as a business. Phase two is starting the mobile, direct-to-consumer VR. I'm going to start out with two PCs for doing birthdays and corporate events. This way, we can do some simple multiplayer co-op and/or competitive stuff. Maybe if things take off, then I can buy the gear for two more mobile stations and we can allow groups of four people playing at a time for the mobile stuff. 

I bunched all the Digital Worlds VR gear together for a nice photo shoot in the kitchen before tearing all the boxes open.

Just thinking about that... I drive a sedan... I'll need to get me a truck if I expand beyond four mobile PCs. I've never owned a truck before, so that would be interesting. Any how, there's still some more things I want to pick up to really make the mobile setup complete. I've got extension cables and power strips, but I want to be able to offer this mobile VR stuff for outside events (assuming it's not raining). So for that, I'll need to get a nice, tall tent to keep people in the shade, as well as the PCs of course. Then I'll also need a solid generator. I've got one in mind that is gas powered but is fairly quite and would be able to power these two PCs and the Vives for around 5 hours on a single tank. We'll just see how this goes.

I'm still aiming to start this mobile stuff in March, so start getting the word out to your friends, classmates, and co-workers. Get a group of friends together and we'll find a day to bring it out to you. Get your co-workers to beg your boss for a chance to do a fun session of some team-building exercises. I need to start really building my brand in the middle TN area. VR is so new and my business is the first of its kind in Franklin and Williamson County, so we gotta let people know that it's available. Send people over to THIS link for more info on the mobile stuff.