Business Update - Physical Location Is Coming Along

For the last few months, we have been working on the physical location for Digital Worlds VR. Some of you may not know about the address just yet; it’s 1945 Mallory Lane, Suite 170. Over the last few months, we’ve been demolishing the stuff from the old tenant and now we’ve been working on building it out with stuff for the arcade. I do plan to release a lot more images and videos one day that better document all of the stuff we’ve done to the place, but for now I’ll just share some more recent developments.

Here’s a video of my buddy Matt helping out with the cable mounting system. Not all of our stations at launch will be wireless, so we have to come out with the quality and safe way for us to get the cables out of the way on the tethered stations. We set this up quick and as you can see at the end of that video, we didn’t fully clear out the space. I had him play GORN to test it out as it will be the most "taxing” on space for the station and really test the cable system. The system you see in that video is pretty close to what we’ve decided upon, although we’ve fine tuned it to make it better and to keep the cable away from your hands and drooping below your shoulders.

We’re ever so slightly more official. We’re still working on getting the main storefront sign but for now we do have our monument sign as you drive into the parking lot of our area as well as our door signs that list our hours and contact info. I think they came out great, especially the door signs.

That’s all for now. Back to work and fingers crossed we will still be able to have our soft opening here in late October.