We Are Entering The Beta Testing Phase!

It’s been a long journey so far but we’re not out of it just yet. I am happy to say that DWVR is now entering the beta testing phase. We’ve gotten the place into a decent enough shape to start having small groups of close friends and family members coming on out to play quick sessions of VR in order to test the tracking, gaming software, provide input on the look of the location, and all other things that we want to make sure are as good as they possible can be and ready for the grand opening, which should be coming up soon in early November.

Here’s some photos I’ve been taking from our first two tests, one with my close friends (some who had played VR before and some who experienced it for the first time that night), and another even with some friends of my mom (none of them have played a game since the NES or Pong).

And here’s some videos from the nights.