Hand & Finger Tracking Is Coming To The Vive Pro

Well, it’s about time. HTC have finally let us know of some of their plans with the two front-facing cameras, hand & finger tracking. I had assumed that some sort of augmented reality feature would get announced, but the hand & finger tracking is much more interesting to me as something we can use now whereas AR is still a few years away from practical use.

It’s hard to tell based on the .gif above just how good the tracking will be. I am mostly curious about the field of view of the cameras; how close to ‘out in front of my face’ are my hands going to need to be to be able to be tracked. Also, can I still use the Vive controllers in a game and then when I let go of them (or eventually the Knuckles) will they just automatically start being tracked? Lot’s of questions, looking forward to it getting released… some day… and trying it out.

Digital Worlds will be using all Vive Pro headsets for the arcade, so fingers crossed (slight pun intended) that this feature ends up being a good one that we can take advantage of and offer up to our customers.