Digital Worlds LLC Is Officially A Business!

After a little over a month of waiting, the lawyers and the state of Tennessee are done reviewing my forms and Digital Worlds LLC is now officially and legally a business!

This is slowly but surely a dream coming true. I've been a passionate gamer for many years and Virtual Reality is blowing my mind every time I use it. I am really looking forward to stretching my entrepreneurial muscles over the next year as we work on opening the physical location.

This process was actually pretty easy and I was a little worried that I would run into a problem a there being a similarly named company that I didn't find during my research, but alas, I am safe. So, thanks to Legal Zoom for making the process pretty darn easy. The easy stuff is done with and now the real work begins.

I plan to do a lot more blogs, talking about the process of becoming a business will play a role in some posts but I plan to really focus on making content about VR. The next post will be my Top VR Games Of 2017 awards. I'll include some usual awards but also some that I think most people/groups will not include.