Summer Funland.jpg

Summer Funland

Genre: Theme Park Simulation

Sub-Genres: Mini-Games, Roller Coaster, Shooting Gallery, Climbing Tower, Hot Air Balloon Ride, and much more…

Locomotion Types: Teleport

Adventure and excitement abound in Summer Funland, a virtual amusement park like no other. Experience pure awesomeness without even leaving home! A roller coaster, underwater voyage, fast-paced street chase, adventure in outer space and much, much more – SFL has it all. Behold the beauty of oceanic depths and come face-to-face with the creatures that dwell there. Race through the streets of Gotham at supersonic speed and feel the adrenaline kick in. Shoot things up, climb insanely high towers, scream your lungs out riding a crazy roller coaster, blast into space and see our galaxy up close and personal – there's never a dull moment in Summer Funland.