Genre: Shooter

Sub-Genres: Tactical, Military Simulation, Mil-Sim, Shooter

Locomotion Types: Smooth, Room-Scale


We consider Onward to be an advanced VR game due to its realistic portrayal and feeling of warfare as well as due to its complex controls and movement system. The sound design in Onward is modeled after real warfare, so when you're taking fire in this, it is really intense. As for the controls, you don't just hit the reload button like you do in most shooters. Magazine release, removing the mag, grabbing and inserting the new one from your belt, and then chambering a new round are all things you must do and are based on the weapon's real world version. As for movement, there is no teleport in this, so some novice players might get sick.

Onward is a Mil-Sim paced tactical multiplayer shooter, being developed for virtual reality head mounted displays. Players will use coordination, communication, and marksmanship skill to complete objectives in online infantry combat. With dynamic time of day, weather effects, and multiple environments and scenarios, no skirmish will feel the same. With limited respawns, no HUDs, and no crosshairs, players will need their wits and combat skills to survive.


  • 5v5 online multiplayer
  • Solo/Coop vs AI
  • 30 different weapons
  • Artifical locomotion
  • Objective based gamemodes

Become fully Immersed in the firefight.